Ecstatic Dance Melbourne
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What is Ecstatic Dance ?

Ecstatic Dance is a global movement and weekly conscious gathering for raising consciousness around the planet. Ecstatic dance provides an alternative nightclub theme for the conscious and awakened ones.

Ecstatic Dance encourages freedom of expression through dance and movement. It's a profound journey into healing, self-acceptance, love, freedom, connection and expansion of consciousness. It is our intention to create a collective experience that will awaken us to the feeling that we are One, we are together, unified and supporting each other on this journey.  

A global movement and weekly conscious gathering for raising consciousness around the planet.

Guidelines for Ecstatic Dance

1. No talking on the dance floor (plenty of room to talk off-floor and in Tantra Love Lounge)

2. Drug-Free, Smoke-Free, & Alcohol-Free environment

3. Cellphones muted and out of sight

4. No strong chemical perfume

5. Care/Awareness for the space and each other

6. Move your body however you wish to express yourself

7. Dance alone, or with as many partners who would like to join 

If you’d rather not dance with someone, thank them for the offer by placing your hands in prayer position at your heart – Namaste.

Upcoming Events

Ecstatic Dance Melbourne offers weekly Ecstatic Dance and monthly cacao ceremony featuring renowned international and local DJs, artsits, live musicians, intutive performers and more. It's our intention to co-create with different talents and to help raise consciousness on planet earth. 

Gate opens at 7.30pm and opening circle starts at 8pm with the facilitator taking us on a journey to connect with our hearts and to initiate the dance with fire and sparks. The dance will go on to about 10pm and during this time you can either go into ecstatic motion and trance on the dancefloor or if you are feeling a different vibe, Tantra Love Lounge is where you can talk and connect & Zen Lounge for you to be in your own space.  

Ecstatic Festival Pre-Party: Ecstatic Dance with DJ Sassta  

Friday, February 8, 2019 at 8 PM – 10 PM at Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne Level 1 110-112 Argyle St, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065. 

Our Ecstatic Festival - 3 Days of Ecstatic Arts is fast approaching (happening during the Valentine's weekend next week!!), so let's gather together this Friday and warm up before the big festival next weekend! (Our earlybird tickets have sold out. If you haven't got a ticket, NOW is the time.) Also this month we don't have ecstatic dance with cacao ceremony as we will be doing cacao ceremony at the festival next weekend!  

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Ecstatic Festival Melbourne - 3 Day of Ecstatic Arts 

15th February - 17th February 2019

Melbourne's first Ecstatic Festival is happening in 2019!  

This is a conscious festival not to be missed with international & local Ecstatic dance DJs, live musicians, Sacred Cacao ceremony, and a wide range of Ecstatic arts and healing modalities, inspirational workshops such as Ecstatic Breath-work, Rebirthing, Ecstatic Sound Healing, Ecstatic Yoga, SomaChi Yoga, Meditation,5Rythms, Inner dance, Tantra Ecstatic Presence, Ecstatic Sufi Whirling, evening performances, fire show and much more...

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Ecstatic Dance 5 Pass ($120)

With our Ecstatic Pass, you can attend 4 weekly ecstatic dance plus one Cacao ceremony.


Ecstatic Dance 10 Pass ($250)

Our Ecstatic 10 Pass allows you to attend 8 weekly ecstatic dance plus two Cacao cemonies.

STRONG Conscious Community & Conscious Gathering 

It's our vision to build a strong conscious community & weekly conscious gathering in Melbourne, to raise the consciousness of the planet, to celebrate our freedom and human existence. 

For every gathering, it is our intention to create a collective experience that will awaken us to the ultimate truth that we are One, we are Together, Unified and Supporting each other on this journey! 

Together we rise. The elevation of our collective consciousness is key, and it is our primary goal.